Smile Analysis & Design

Smile analysis and design are essential procedures in every smile enhancement treatment. Following extra-oral and intra-oral evaluations, which also consist of taking initial photos and making molds of your teeth, we can analyze and design your smile digitally. In many cases, we can then transfer the design in your mouth with temporary resin material (a technique called “mock-up”). This procedure does not require any pre-treatment on your teeth and the material can be removed right away. At this trial stage, you will be able to assess your new customized smile for approval or further modifications. Our Prosthodontist will ensure that both aesthetic and functional parameters are met before proceeding to finalization.

Customized Smile Enhancement

The restorative treatment plan for smile enhancement or smile makeover may include one or a combination of the following: 1. teeth whitening, 2. dental bonding (the most conservative approach for minor alterations on tooth form and proportions with the use of tooth-colored composite resin material), 3. porcelain laminate veneers (thin layers of ceramic that “cover” the front surfaces of the teeth), and 4. all-ceramic crowns (a complete coverage of the tooth with ceramic material).

Alternatively, advanced treatment plans may require more complex dental prosthetics, i.e. implant supported prostheses to re-establish soft tissue and smile aesthetics.

Aside from the restorative procedures, smile enhancement can involve other disciplines in dentistry, such as orthodontics (i.e. invisalign treatment) and periodontics (i.e. aesthetic crown lengthening to improve a “gummy” smile).

To achieve the ideal smile for our patients, we consider your smile as unique as you are, and each of our proposed treatment plans is entirely customized to your needs, expectations and existing dental condition.