Dentures are custom-made prostheses aiming to improve facial-appearance and self-confidence in patients with missing teeth. They also help in solving problems with speech and chewing due to the loss of some or all teeth.
When there are multiple teeth missing in one arch, a partial denture consisting of a metal framework and acrylic base and teeth can be fabricated. If all the teeth are missing in one or both arches, a complete denture is indicated. They normally require several appointments in order to make accurate recordings of the tissues and bite for a personalized result.

Both partial and complete dentures are removable prostheses, meaning they can be removed by the patients and can easily be cleaned outside of the mouth. Dental implants may be used in combination with these prostheses to increase their retention and stability, and also to improve the patient’s comfort and aesthetics (implant-assisted dentures).
If you are concerned about your missing teeth, our Prosthodontist can advise you on what treatment options are suitable for you and help you restore a beautiful and healthy smile.